La Costeña Salsa Negra – Black Sauce 360 gr


La Costeña Salsa Negra – Black Sauce

Sold individually in 360g bottles

The Black Sauce from La Costeña is an innovative version of sauce made with the perfect mixture of chili peppers, tamarind, carrot and mustard that will be the ideal accompaniment for all your snacks. Hot yet sweet & tangy.

Add in to marinate meat and seafood; use as a base for cocktails and drinks or simply drizzle over your favorite snack such as Nacho chips, prepared olives or cambray baby potatoes.

This Black Sauce will be your complete ally to flavor all your food.

Keep properly closed in a cool, dry place – away from direct sunlight.

Refrigerate once opened.

Weight 360 kg

142g, 904g