Pasilla – Dry Chillies (67grs/bag)


Dry Pasilla Chilli Pods:

Sold individually in 67g bags

Heat scale 4.

The Pasilla chilli is also called a black chilli “Chile Negro” – named for its dark wrinkled skin. In its fresh form it is called a Chilaca chilli pepper.
Pasilla chillies have a mild to medium heat and a rich flavour. The flavour is deep and fruity with a rich licorice aroma and notes of tobacco.

Pasillas are often combined with fruits and are excellent served with duck, seafood, lamb, mushrooms, fennel, honey and oregano. Purees made from re-hydrated Pasillas do not need to be sieved as their skins are soft.

Best if kept in the freezer in a sealed container and lightly roasted in a pan before use.