Wool Sarapes 2.20 x 1.70



Sold Individually.

One of Mexico’s most well-known handcrafts is woven products such as ponchos and sarapes. A sarape  is a large blanket with fringed ends that is traditionally worn as a shawl in Mexico.The colours and patterns vary through-out Mexico from neutral geometric patterns to bright bands of colour.

The style of sarape that we have comes from the North-Eastern region of Mexico. They have thick bands of a strong base colour with smaller, varied bands of an assortment of other bright colors and white fringing on the two ends.

Each blanket is 1m x 2m in size.

Come through to the shop to choose your favourite, or place and order for one here and we’ll send you a surprise option.

*Photos are for example only!

Dimensions 2.20 × 1.70 cm