Sombrero de Talavera – Ashtray


Talavera Ceramic Sombrero Hats:

Sold individually.

Talavera is a type of earthenware ceramic. Made from fine clay, all pieces are hand-thrown on a potter’s wheel and glazed in the traditional way brought to Mexico from Spain. Originally, Talavera pottery was only white and cobalt blue as the blue was the most expensive paint and thus a mark of the quality. As time went on, turquoise, yellow, black, green, orange and red/pink started to be added to the blue and white bases creating the vibrant finish that the pottery has today.

These ornaments are designed to look like the iconic Mexican sombrero hats and can even be used as an unusual ashtray for smokers. Each of these sombreros is unique; it has its own design and colour palette. Come through to the shop to choose your favourite, or place and order for one here and we’ll send you a surprise option (our favourite of the moment).

Each sombrero is about 12-13cm wide.

*Photos are for example only!