Talavera Hand Paited Salsa Bowl


Talavera Salsa Bowls:

Sold individually.

Talavera is a type of earthenware ceramic. Made from fine clay, all pieces are hand-thrown on a potter’s wheel and glazed in the traditional way brought to Mexico from Spain. Originally, Talavera pottery was only white and cobalt blue as the blue was the most expensive paint and thus a mark of the quality. As time went on, turquoise, yellow, black, green, orange and red/pink started to be added to the blue and white bases creating the vibrant finish that the pottery has today.

The paint itself is applied in thick globs and ends up slightly raised over the base – giving the designs a tactile finish. The production process can take up to four months which is risky because a piece can break at any point. For this reason, some pieces that chip in the first stages of production are still used and the chip simply filled with paint and/or glaze.

Each of these salsa bowls is unique. Come through to the shop to choose your favourite, or place and order for one here and we’ll send you a surprise choice (one of our own favourites).

Bowl sizes range between 9-13cm wide and 3.5 – 6cm deep.

*Photos are for example only!