Tamal Rojo / Red Salsa Tamal (110g)


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Red Chilli Pork Tamale:

Sold individually in a plastic pouch – (12 pouches come in a box)

A tamale is a traditional Mexican dish made from corn masa which is steamed in a corn husk or, in some parts of Mexico, in pieces of banana leaf. Originally, the husks acted like cling wrap, covering and protecting the tamal for travel. When it is time to eat, the husk is simply removed to expose the tender dough parcel within.

Similar to a dumpling, tamales can be sweet and savoury and many come filled. Popular fillings include mole chicken, red chilli pork and poblano chilli. Sweet tamales can have raisins or sweet corn mixed into the dough.

This tamale is flavoured with pork, tomato, onion, spices and red chilli.

Saving you the hours it takes to make traditional tamales, these tamales are quick and easy to prepare. Simply open the pouch, microwave for 60 seconds and enjoy!

Store in sealed pouch in a cool, dry place.