Corn Tortilla Press (20 cm)


Corn Tortilla Press:

An authentic Mexican cooking utensil used for manually making fresh Corn Tortillas. This utensil captures the raw essence and beauty of Hispanic Mexican cooking in an elegant press. We try to stock the best quality products – most commonly cast iron or aluminium.

*Please note: This product is produced in small factories and is thus subject to variation based on different suppliers and production processes.

A tortilla press must be used with a corn dough – made from either fresh masa or masa harina – Maseca. This press will not work if you are trying to make wheat flour tortillas, as the wheat flour dough will spring back due to the presence of gluten in the flour. Wheat tortillas should be prepared by rolling the dough with a rolling pin.

Usage instructions:

Line the bottom surface of the press with a square of thick plastic. Place the dough in the center of the press, cover it with another square of plastic and close the press. Press on the handle – but not too hard- to transform the dough into a thin (about 2 mm) raw tortilla.

Cook the tortillas in a medium-heat, dry pan or on a Comal. Do not use oil or butter. Turn the tortillas regularly to ensure even cooking and keep over the heat until fully cooked.