Whole Poblano Chillies (780grs/can)


Whole Canned Poblano Chillies:

Sold individually in 780g cans – (12 cans come in a case)

Heat scale 3.

These green chillies are fresh and slight floral – think cross between a delicate jasmine, jalapeno and green bell peppers.

These chillies are excellent candidates for stuffing or battering and frying in Chiles Rellenos – stuffed with tuna, cheese, potatoes or mince. They are also great sliced in stews, soups, salads and the well known dish: Rajas con Queso. This dish consists of a rich, cheesy, cream sauce with slices of the tangy green chillies. As a taco filling, this Rajas con Queso is a winner for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.

Refrigerate after opening and use within 4 weeks.