Arbol – Dry Chillies (67gr/bag)


Dry Arbol Chilli Pods:

Sold individually in 67g bags

Heat scale 8.

The Arbol chilli is also called a Bird’s Beak or Rat’s tail – named for its thin, curvy shape.
The peppers start out green and turn a bright red colour as they mature. More often sold dried than fresh, these smooth cayenne-type chillies are slim and curvacious with a warm orange – red colour. They have a blistering heat with a clean grassy flavour. The heat can be toned down by cracking open the pod and removing the seeds.

Arbol chillies are excellent for adding heat and flavour to salsas. Add them to soups or use to enliven vinegar or oil.

Best if kept in the freezer in a sealed container.