Huitlacoche (380grs/can)


Mexican Truffles:

Sold individually in 380g cans – (12 cans come in a case)

Huitlacoche (pronounced wee-tlah-KOH-cheh) is a tasty fungus that grows naturally on corn. Packed with nutrients and flavour, it is often called the Mexican truffle. It has been considered a delicacy in Mexico for thousands of years and its popularity is rapidly growing in the US and Europe as people look for more authentic and unusual ingredients. Unfortunately, as the fungus reduces the yield and quality of standard field corn, most farmers have eradicated it or now use crops that are impervious to it – depriving the majority of people of the opportunity to enjoy this delicious fungus.

Fresh huitlacoche is soft and velvety, where the canned version is black and more liquid. The flavor is sweet, savory, woody, and earthy, with a base flavour which is a cross between that of mushrooms and corn.

So as not to ruin or over-power the flavour of the huitlacoche, it is suggested that you use it in simple recipes – eg. fried with a little garlic and onion and served in a quesadilla or taco.

Refrigerate after opening in a sealed container and use within 4 weeks.