Toreados Whole Roasted Serrano Chillies in Brine (220grs/can)


Whole Roasted Serrano Chillies in Brine:

Sold individually in 220g cans – (24 cans come in a case)

Heat scale 7.

Toreados are chillies that have bean roasted to bring out their heat. The name comes from the Spanish word “torear” which is the action of fighting a bull which references how the heat is teased out of the chillies as they are roasted. The modern version of this dish combines the roasted peppers with seasoning liquids such as soy or Worcestershire sauce and onion.

These toreados are whole roasted serrano chillies that have been brined in a mixture of soy sauce, onion, vinegar, oil and garlic.

They are delicious in burritos, salsas, salads, dips and stews and as a topping for your favourite tacos.

After opening, transfer to a sealed container and refrigerate. Use within 4 weeks of opening.

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