Mole Rojo Paste (235grs/jar)


Red Mole Paste:

Sold individually in 235g Glass Jar – (12 jars come in a case)

Mole is a legendary and classic dish mainly eaten in festive occasions. There are hundreds of mole recipes and their main ingredients vary depending on the area. The sauce is a combination of many ingredients including peanuts, chillies, plantain, spices, garlic onion and chocolate – giving a delicious earthy, nuttiness which is rounded off with the complexity of the cocoa.  This product is a paste that has to be diluted to 3 equal portions of stock or water for each portion of paste. Bring to a boil and add to your preferred meat or vegetable.

This sauce is great with chicken, pork, enchiladas, eggs, tamales, rice and beans.

Refrigerate after opening in a sealed container and use within 4 weeks.


250ml, 500ml